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About Tipple Tuk

(Tipsy's story)

Piaggio, known for making the Vespa (which translates as 'Wasp') saw the need for a small, affordable and practical commercial vehicle, which they appropriately named 'Ape' - Italian for Bee.


This particular little beauty started her life in the hills of Florence back in 1986. The tiny little beat of a 50cc 2 stroke engine helped to push her back and forth.

Working as a farm delivery van, she revved through the small towns on her daily delivery and stop offs.

Coverted Mobile Bar Fizz faced

She lay to rest in 1995 and sat for almost 15 years in a hay barn, where she was rescued by Morgan Classics and exported to the UK. Over here is where Tipsy was spotted and so began the big plans to put this fun loving Tri-Wheeled cutie back into action.


Although she has had a few modifications and a couple of facelifts the essence of our little Italian worker Bee is still there, however these days her only duties are to deliver fun and smiles, pouring Prosecco (Frizzante), cocktails and brews to the nation!

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