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Prosecco Is The Bizznees

Believe it or not Prosecco has shot buy Champagne sales in the UK and is the leading consumer preferred bubbly drink.

So it's certainly here to stay and not just a passing trend.

What's Prosecco on-tap? Becoming a very popular beverage, as now you can save on wastage and drink a lot more. What's not to like, specially when it comes to events and weddings?.

Affordable and very scrumptious bubbly. With us all becoming more and more aware and conscious about our plant, Frizzante in a keg helps towards reducing the amount of wastage caused by production of bottled products.

Each of these one kegs serves 160 glasses of prosecco. Just do the math it's the equivalent to 40 bottles.

We at TippleTuk want to move towards the cleaner and more efficient business service and at the same time, protecting and doing our bit for the planet.

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